October 12, 2021

Adam's Blog: Five Things I Appreciate About Mike Morrow

Adam Johnson

I remember when I met Mike. He was wearing a hat, had on khaki shorts, and was sitting in the room when I was being interviewed. When I started here at The Ridge, I had the extreme fortune of sharing an office wall with Mike, which ended up being...


August 31, 2021

Reed's Blog: Community Can Change Your Life

Reed Chapman

Why should you commit to one more thing in your schedule when life is already chaotic?I believe community could change your life. It changed mine. Community is the result of intentional, faith-based friendships held by people choosing to...


August 10, 2021

Adam's Blog: Four Things I Appreciate About Chris Bell

Adam Johnson

Last Sunday we announced that Chris has taken a job at a Christian school called Christian Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he will be teaching 8th grade Bible. This Sunday, August 15, is his last Sunday here at The...


June 2, 2021

Chris' Blog: Best Summer Ever

Chris Bell

Can I be honest about last summer? In a lot of ways, it was hard. Parades, family get-togethers, weddings, and concerts were all canceled or modified. The 4th of July was different. Travel was restricted. Beaches and campgrounds were closed...