March 31, 2021

Adam's Blog: Easter Invites

We’re counting down to Easter, and as we prepare, I’m reminded how open people are to spiritual conversations right now. I don’t know if it’s the marshmallow Peeps in the grocery aisle or the exhausting emotional journey of the past twelve months, but I believe people need hope now more than ever. Because we’re on this journey of hope, I believe people are willing to see what church is all about in a unique way. 
I believe the most loving thing we can do is to point people toward the hope that comes from Jesus. That’s why we do what we do here at The Ridge. We want to do whatever it takes for people to have the hope that comes from Jesus, and Easter is the best Sunday to invite someone to join you at church.
If you call The Ridge your church home, I challenge you to invite someone to one of our services on Easter at 9, 10, 11, or noon. 
To get you started, here are 2 Dos and 2 Don’ts when inviting someone to church:
1. DO invite them to JOIN you. 
If you’re inviting a friend, do everything you can to be with them as they attend. In person or online, there are ways to sit together or watch together. This is the very best way to welcome someone and it can ease the awkwardness of doing something for the first time when someone is there to guide the way. 
2. DON’T take a “no” personally. 
Sometimes people will say, “No thanks.” I’ve invited people several times who have never said yes. I don’t think it’s a personal attack on me. Each time they’ve even thanked me for inviting them. Sometimes people are waiting to see if you’ll live out your faith, and an invitation is something that shows them you care about them.
3. DO it out of love. 
Our friends and family who don’t go to church aren’t a project. They’re not a goal. They are people, and we believe PEOPLE matter. So check your motivation, pray about opportunities to invite, and always do it because you love someone. 
4. DON’T force it. 
We’ve all been pressured into buying something before. It’s not fun. Some people who might genuinely be interested in Jesus might be afraid of the pressure. If you have a relationship with them, and you are inviting out of love, remember not to force the spiritual experience. Let God do His thing!
If you need help inviting, check out We've got graphics there, some helpful language for you to use, and suggestions on how to engage people you know. 

Whatever it takes,