August 10, 2021

Adam's Blog: Four Things I Appreciate About Chris Bell

Last Sunday we announced that Chris has taken a job at a Christian school called Christian Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he will be teaching 8th grade Bible. This Sunday, August 15, is his last Sunday here at The Ridge. We’re going to have an open house to give people an opportunity to chat with and encourage Chris and Kayla as they begin to transition to a new job and a new place.

To help celebrate Chris and what God has been doing in and through him over the past three years on staff as the Student Pastor, I wanted to share with you some of the things I appreciate the most about Chris.

1. Chris cares a lot about students. It has been so evident that he cares for students in such a real way. He means it when he says students can text him at 2 AM, or that he wants to show up way beyond what is the norm. I know Chris loves all of the students that he interacts with, and I'm thankful for the way he shows care and concern for all the things a student navigates - from illness, to school, to relationships, to the pains in growing up.

2. He is real about who he is. If you've never heard Chris' testimony, it's worth your time. He is real about who he is, about how Jesus has impacted his life, and about the importance of community and church. I love Chris' authenticity about who he is, what he can and can't do, and he really lives out one of our church values really well, "We aren't perfect, but we will be real."

3. Chris loves his family well. I've seen how he cares deeply for his family. Kayla is a significant part of what God has been doing in and through Chris, and it is really inspiring to see how Chris and Kayla love each other and their family.

4. He loves Tennessee - GO VOLS! Seriously, I've never seen someone own so many shirts of one distinct color. His love for all things Vols is contagious and added fun and joy to the office. This dedication is indicative of who Chris is and how much love he has to give, and I know I'll be rooting on the Vols just because I know how much Chris loves them. The next time you see him, I know Chris would love it if you yelled "Go Vols!"

Please join me at the Open House this Sunday immediately following each service on the patio. Let's send Chris, Kayla, Madison and Hudson with love, encouragement and well wishes.

Whatever it takes,